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Sat Oct 5 05:47:09 EDT 2013

I used to work on GM AC speedos for a warranty shop in Syracuse from 65-77. 
 I also did GM  Delco radios.
At some point the Speedos had a wick on a brass arm on the last digit to  
put a slight purple haze on the roll. Most dried out before it got there, but 
 put a barely discernable mark on. Other than that , just a good look at 
things  on the car should show miles. door hinges , window regulators , sill 
trim ,  brakes / backing plates , and lots of other areas.
As far as running the odometer with a drill , do the math , it just is not  
worth it. By the time you take enough miles off , the main 2 frame and 
magnet  bearings will be toast .Please look up info on it to understand why.It 
should be  taken apart to do the job properly , but gets sticky legal issues 
(Federal  level) involved , plus most states have a good record of year to 
year miles with  the inspection logs. The only reason I bring this up is to 
save you from big  problems (I have seen this , when the state came and 
reviewed our logs  once).
Only reason I play with odometers now is when I install a different dash  
(Spyder in non Spyder etc) , or replace a non working one.
New frames with bearings are getting hard to find , lubing the bearing  
correctly is a speacial job. So if you have speedo problems , I suggest finding 
 a correct dash , and sending it out for repairs to someone set up to do it 
 correctly. It will save you a lot of grief! (if he is good). No , I am NOT 
 looking for work!.  Now days they are all electronic , so finding a good  
shop may take a bit of research.
Regards,Tim Colson

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