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Irv Brock ivrbr at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 24 13:50:44 EDT 2013

I purchased a prior " Running when Parked " collection from a Garage Owner, lock, stock and barrel, who saved everything. After 10 total 500 mile round trips with a rental U-haul trailer, I was the proud new owner of 2 EM coupes, EM Vert, LM Vert and my current 65 Corsa. Nothing was complete, nor ran, nor rust free (except the Corsa LA built). I had 20 plus engines, even more transaxles in disrepair, numerous tools, NOS poor condition parts (surface rust), worn-out parts and a complete library of first edition Corvair publications, manuals and Communiques in bound binders in good condition.
Sounds like alot of others amongst us out there. I've had technical advise from Dr. Yenko what was worthwhile to keep and a spouse's insistance to cull the collection quickly! I'm down to the Corsa and the Library. Most was given way, some traded and a net loss was sold on eBay. There are many of these collections out there that when the owner leaves the hobby or passes on to Corvair Heaven, one I thought can usually find what they want through their Club Chapter connection.
A Heart of GA. and Atlanta member send out regular emails to their massive address lists about these collections. That's how I found-out about my Car.This coincided with the Jay Leno unveiling of his 66 Corsa Coupe restoration. I had to buy everything to get that " Corsa ". Usually this is the problem, they want you to buy the entire lot.
I might suggest that if a Club Chapter gets the email list of other Club's members, then maybe that would get the word out better. I learned early on to join a Club when owning Classic cars. CORSA is an invaluable asset to the Hobby and I'm suggesting to participate in your local Chapter to find-out about these collections.
Irv Brock
65 Corsa minus it's stable mates now

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