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Bil & Chris Strickland lechevrier at q.com
Fri Oct 25 13:07:58 EDT 2013

> Need to know max.  cu. ft. per min.  @whatPSI should do the job.

Joe, it depends on what you are going to do, and what tools you are 
going to use to do it.

Yes, it is nice to get the biggest, best compressor one can afford -- 
one gets more motor for the buck with 220, but if that means rewiring 
your service entrance to the garage, maybe it's not worth it.  Made in 
USA is big money compared to HF, but for occasional use HF may be fine.  
I ran two five gallon Sears compressors for many years, but finally 
found a used 80 gallon unit that I could afford, 5 hp, 220, and units in 
that category are all about the same.  about the only difference is oil 
in the crankcase vs. oil-less, guess which one will last longer.

The new HVLP type paint guns don't use nearly as much air as older 
siphon types -- a 'good' quarter inch air rachet uses more air than 
you'd think, but less than bigger ones.  Grinders, blow nozzles, sanders 
and such use lots of air, far less than an impact wrench, which, except 
for big truck work and gland & axle nuts on VW's, are being replaced by 
the little battery  operated tools from HD -- I have a tiny little 20 
volt DeWalt impact that just amazes me at what it will do, and if you 
just want to change tires, don't forget the traditional plug-in electric 
impact wrenches, they really work. Now, if you want to run a couple tire 
changing / inflating machines, you want something bigger than 80 gal / 5 hp.

It is nice to be able to install the thing in a separate shed tacked on 
the out side of the shop, like next to the generator, and then plumb the 
shop with air, which is another can of worms -- yes, they make pvc just 
for compressed air, but correct fittings seem hard to come by and they 
are relatively expensive -- hoses all over the floor are a nuisance and 
a hazard -- you choose -- everything is expensive, except cheap hoses, 
which are worth what you pay for them, just like these opinions.


Bill Strickland

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