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> Sounds good - that was my purpose in writing a list, to help organize and jog my memory on what needs to be done.  So what about the touring/show/parade folks?  It may not be as strenuous as a road race, but driving to Tacoma could be a pretty lengthy trip that requires some prep.  You may also have more fun if you not doing like I did this year, putting trim on the car at the convention.  At the very least it'll make your shopping list for the swap meet a bit more coherent.  Start on the car now :-)
> --Bryan
My project list : Finish my hydraulic clutch conversion project, then finish my efi conversion  project
then, (hopefully) a new paint job!! I've been trying, as best I can to document all this stuff (along with other related modifications) over at Corvair Center, in a thread titled "My 63 Turbo daily driver, various project pictures. I might actually get it all done in time for Tacoma next year!!
Kevin Nash


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