<VV> Looseness in steering column

Gary Swiatowy gswiatowy at rochester.rr.com
Fri Sep 13 05:50:03 EDT 2013

As far as I know, the snap ring holds the bearing in place. If the snap ring
slid up, maybe the bearing is out of position.

Either that, or the bearing is gone.

Time to pull the steering wheel and see what is going on.

I just had to change the steering column in my 66. 

Previous owner had a modified column in it.
Larger diameter shaft where it attaches to the steering wheel, and he had
also lengthened the column because he had used a flat steering wheel instead
of the dished Corvair wheel.  Was a project!

Gary Swiatowy

Hi folks,

I have kind of a strange problem with our (LA built) '66 Corsa with a
standard column.  The steering wheel has slop in it relative to the column.
This isn't steering box slop, I can grab the wheel and move it up and down.
The column itself is tight to the body, the problem seems to be that the
steering shaft is loose in the column.  Is there some adjustment to the
bearings?  I seem to recall just a snap ring at the top, but I don't know
how the rest of it looks.


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