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Bill, my daughter drives a 1964 Spyder as her daily driver. She has put over 100,000 miles on it since we refurbished it mechanically. My daily driver is a plain 2-carb 1962 Monza. I am head mechanic for both.
In my experience, the turbo is more finicky and a little tricky to get just right. But once I got it right, it stayed put pretty well (well enough for her to put 100 K on it since January 2001. I would agree that the 2-carb is easier to get along with. Like a tractor - dead simple, everything easy to work on, low-stressed, no rare parts. Bring a little bailing wire and you can keep it going forever. 

Bill Stanley wrote:
<<Corvair Classic


The article said:

<Many owners suggested I avoid buying a turbo. (The Corvair was one of the first  mainstream production cars to offer a blower.) As one put it, ?That thing will  run great once, and then you spend the entire summer trying to get it to run  like that again.? >

I've never owned a turbo.  What's the general consensus out there?  Was the advice given the author of the article correct?

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