<VV> Muffler resonating

bernievogler at comcast.net bernievogler at comcast.net
Sat Sep 28 23:42:10 EDT 2013

I have had several situations of resonance, but I think it can be corrected by turning the exhaust pulse away. I turned my exhaust down and out to point away from the car. I can't explain why it made a difference, but it worked. 

{I run 2" exhaust with headers on a 140 - 4 carb motor. I actually use Mustang V-8 mufflers - they are smaller and lighter and sound pretty good!} This has nothing to do with your Turbo system . . . but I do think that turning the exhaust will help. I prefer to the side, but down may work as well. 

Bernie Vogler 
'66 Corsa 
Yenko stage 1 

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