<VV> 64 coupe runs down the battery...

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We had a Taurus SHO that had a current drain that would kill the battery overnight, I did the fuse pulling routine and narrowed it down to a couple of systems, but I had no idea what to do then. I took it to the local (Now closed) Ford dealer and told them where I thought the problem was. They totally Ignored what I told them and it took three return visits to get the problem repaired. When I asked them what they did to fix it they told me "We overcharged the battery and boiled the impurities out of it "  TINS ! My 66 corsa had the points sticking in the clock and that would run the battery down, I installed a battery disconnect and I turn it off when it's going to sit for awhile.
 Sorry to hear about your dog Tim, 

                                             Ed Lindsay
                                               West Florida Corvair Club
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My dog died recently. What do you think killed him? And my car would not start. What do you think is the reason?Sorry Ignacio but your question  is too open ended. Some intelligent fault tracing is worthwhile. Do you have a 12V test light?  If you do, I would disconnect the ground cable, hook up the test light to the (disconnected) cable, and put the pointer on the negative battery post. Is the light on and bright? If yes, you have something draining the battery.If not, I would check the charging system and the battery itself.
Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado 81301 

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>Hi all, my 64 coupe runs down the battery just sitting there with key
>switch off. I changed the voltage regulator but it still does it.  I am
>told by my local mechanic that I need my generator rebuilt. Is that the
>case? -- IV
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