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John Howell 32chevy at 0306.org
Mon Apr 7 13:59:09 EDT 2014

They have been trying to change over measurements to the metric system 
because they say it is better but we went to the moon with inches and 
feet.   Corvairs were built without the metric system and you can have 
the best metric tools money can buy but they won`t work very well with 
Corvairs.   So change is not always good for everyone but we could have 
both, not everyone uses an i-phone so keep the printed directory and 
make the same information available for i-phone users, I`ll pay for a 
updated printed directory if they ever put one out!  You don`t have to 
be in a good service area for the printed directory to work!

John Howell

On 4/7/2014 10:24 AM, Mike Jacobi wrote:
> If someone invented a new tool that would help you reach those hidden nuts or free those corroded bolts much easier and quicker than anything in your toolbox I think most of us would want it and would use it. iPhones and tablets are just another tool. They put information at your fingertips and in my not very humble information is the most crucial tool of all.
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