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Not a redesign, a replacement. And not a very original one. The Mustnag was based on the Falcon. The Camaro was based on the equivalent, the Chevy II. 

And yeah, the Corvair is why there was the Mustnag. I just wish GM made the Corvair better, instead of replacing it with something that on many levels, is far less remarkable. 



John Roberts


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But the Corvair also caused the Mustang. And Chevy did redesign the Corvair and renamed it Camaro.

Marc Sheridan

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This was the introduction of the Ford Mustang. This is the car that killed the Corvair, not Ralph Nader.

It was cheaper to make, had many paths to more performance, and was an instant hit.

Now, if GM had redesigned the Corvair driveline (and let's face it, even the 180s were based on the original 80 HP engine without extensive redesign), it might have hung in there. But they would've had to market it as something other than an economy car. This mistake was repeated with the Fiero, marketed as a commuter car, where the market clearly saw it as a sports car.

John Roberts

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