<VV> Request Membership and Materials

Darrell @ woofcorvair at aol.com
Thu Apr 17 19:51:35 EDT 2014


It has been several months, now, since receiving any of your materials, or information about Corvair related
topics and mechanical hints.  I am disappointed that for some reason, my name and email address, have
been omitted or forgotten from your agency.

I am, still, the owner of (6) different Corvair vehicles.  I have enjoyed, in the past, receiving various news 
items and mechanical hints from your office.  I do not have any idea why I have been forgotten from your
mailing list.

Please up-to-date my name and mailing address.

Thank you.

Darrell G. Woofter
woofcorvair at aol.com
(352) 503-2434  (winter phone number)
(417) 725-8088  (summer phone number)

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