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Per Smitty's advice inserted 13/16 socket in tube to keep from collapsing and then was able to rotate with pipe wrench to gain clearance for stud. Did this with head on engine cold. Thanks to all for there advice.Jim Cuneo 
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All, The saga continues with trying to get my corsa back on the road. One
nagging issue after another. Solved the rocker arm alignment issue by
cutting, rotating and welding pushrod guides to allow perfect alignment.
Thanks Chuck! While installing the left side head yesterday I observed the
#6 exhaust tube was touching the cylinder head stud. This is caused by the
tube being rotated and the flattened portion is not allowing for clearance.
How do I rotate tube back into its proper position. It appears that this may
have been like this from factory, or replaced incorrectly.Should I start
looking for a replacement tube?1965 140 heads.Thanks, Jim Cuneo 140/turbo

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