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I had a similar incident with the good old nasty stuff. My container was
very aged also and I noticed it was beginning to ooze thru the steel bucket
seam. I placed it in a 5 gallon plastic pail but, after some time I had to
get rid of it. We won't talk about how....

My first experience with this stuff goes back to my high school years. I was
working part at the local Pontiac dealer as a lot boy/ gofer. All the
mechanics kept a pail of carb cleaner under their work benches along with
some lesser stuff like Varsol. I saw several of them
Dip their hands into the can and wipe them off rather than go to the shop
restroom and use the Lava or GoJo. One day I was in a hurry and popped the
lid on one of the guy's pail, stuck my hands in expecting it to be Varsol.
Needless to say it wasn't and the burning sensation
In my hands finally quit after repeated washings and rinsing with water,
soap and GoJo. The mechanics had a good laugh at my expense but I never did
that again.

Rick Norris
1st CORSA President, 1971
Hurricane WV

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I am also awaiting his answer. I want to add one more thing about Carburetor
Cleaner - at least the kind that comes in a 5-gallon metal dip pail.  I
bought one of those many years ago. I used it for dipping Rochesters - as a
matter of fact Rochester H series were the ONLY carbs that ever went into
it. Carb cleaner, like most petrochemical products floats on water, so when
you  dip stuff, the dip-tray has legs on it to keep it off the bottom, where
water  will eventually accumulate, usually due to condensation. My story is
that the  only time the Fire Department has ever visited my house was due to
a leak from  that 5-gallon can. After sitting for many years, covered but
outside my garage,  that water eventually ate a small hole through the
bottom of the can. First the  remaining water exited, then the carb cleaner
began to seep out. A neighbor, a  couple of houses away noticed the smell
and called the Fire Dept. I was able to  clean up the leak before any
reached the soil next to the concrete, under the  watchful eye of the
Fireman, who didn't/wouldn't/couldn't leave until it was a  non-issue. It
probably will never happen to you, but just be prepared in case it  does.
- Seth Emerson 

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