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Thu Feb 13 22:08:29 EST 2014

Randy - #2 first - Did you verify that the distributor is receiving  zero 
vacuum advance at idle? Put a timing light on it and watch the timing  
setting as you pull off the hose from the inlet port on the distributor. #1  Check 
the cap internal posts for corrosion as well as the rotor tip. If no  
corrosion use them - but a copper terminal cap is the way to go! Check for the  
plug gap. If it has increased a bunch, maybe it is time to replace them. -  
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judynrandy at comcast.net writes:

1.   What is the consensus for how long to run a distributor cap, rotor, 
and plugs  these days?  Yes, i'm using a pertronix I. 

2.  In a  well used, (not abused- it came to me this way, no smoke, but it 
lacks in  power somewhat) stock '63 84 hp engine and pg, what would cause it 
to briefly  hesitate (almost like a quick cough) when I start to push down 
on the gas  pedal to accelerate, as in when you start out from a standing 
stop such as a  stoplight?  (The accelerator pump cups have been replaced.  It 
did  it before, and still does it now.  This engine also is using a 
Pertronix  I ) 

Randy (Cap'n) Hook  

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