<VV> OT: Thru Bolts from Corvair Generator or similar

John Beck jb30343 at windstream.net
Wed Feb 26 09:31:17 EST 2014

Sorry about the off topic post but my fellow Corvair owners seem like a 
good place to turn with this.

I burned up the electric motor on a small concrete mixer.  I found a 
nearly identical replacement motor; 48Y frame, 1/3 HP...  The only 
problem I see with it is that the threaded portion of the "thru bolts" 
on the new motor don't protrude past the nuts.  My mixer is designed to 
use these stud like protrusions to mount the motor.  The easy solution 
I'm hoping for is to find some longer "thru bolts".

The original bolts in the new motor are 6 7/8" (not including the head) 
  and look like they are #8 or #10.  I'd have to remove one of the nuts 
to be 100% sure of the diameter and thread pitch.  I need bolts that are 
about 1/4"+ longer than the originals.  I don't have a Corvair generator 
lying around but it seems like the bolts on those in the ballpark of 
what I need.

Anyone have some or know the dimensions or have a pile of dead electric 
motors in your garage or have a good idea on where I should look????  I 
found a manufacturer of these bolts on the internet.  I'm not looking to 
have them manufactured.  I just need four bolts of a workable size. 
Ideas welcome.  Many Thanks.  --J.B.

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