<VV> OT: Thru Bolts from Corvair Generator or Similiar

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> Sorry about the off topic post but my fellow Corvair owners seem like a 
> good place to turn with this.
> I burned up the electric motor on a small concrete mixer.  I found a 
> nearly identical replacement motor; 48Y frame, 1/3 HP...  The only 
> problem I see with it is that the threaded portion of the "thru bolts" 
> on the new motor don't protrude past the nuts.  My mixer is designed to 
> use these stud like protrusions to mount the motor.  The easy solution 
> I'm hoping for is to find some longer "thru bolts".
> The original bolts in the new motor are 6 7/8" (not including the head) 
>   and look like they are #8 or #10.  I'd have to remove one of the nuts 
> to be 100% sure of the diameter and thread pitch.  I need bolts that are 
> about 1/4"+ longer than the originals.  I don't have a Corvair generator 
> lying around but it seems like the bolts on those in the ballpark of 
> what I need.
> Anyone have some or know the dimensions or have a pile of dead electric 
> motors in your garage or have a good idea on where I should look????  I 
> found a manufacturer of these bolts on the internet.  I'm not looking to 
> have them manufactured.  I just need four bolts of a workable size. 
> Ideas welcome.  Many Thanks.  --J.B.

 John- McMaster Carr has socket head cap screws available that are 7" long
and be had in either 10-24 or 10-32 threads.
Kevin Nash


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