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All: First, for those going to this summer's CORSA convention, please be aware of the fabulous aircraft museum about an hour or so north of the convention site.  Evergreen Aviation Museum is the name, if I remember correctly.  It is every bit as fabulous as the LeMay Auto museum.   Should be on your list of other things to do when in that neighborhood.  Probably should be on the CORSA Convention's list of tours.  Maybe it is, and I haven't noticed, or it hasn't been announced yet.


I've often thought when we use VV as a soapbox to bash (or praise) CORSA, in the interest of complete disclosure, we should state if we are a CORSA member, and for how long.  Maybe VV's keepers should write a new rule...


While I remember that Hank failed to reup his membership some years ago, I do not remember what specifically his beef was.  I might have his e-mail in a old file, but I'm not going to look.  Nothing to gain.  Last I knew, both Ned and Bob were not CORSA members.  Why I do not know.  I really like both of them, and have hung out with them at different times over the years. Both have contributed to what CORSA is today.  For that I thank them.

I was aware of the effort the east coast folks made to change, maybe even improve, the choices non-CORSA members have when in the CORSA Convention is in town.  But Bob said the CORSA BoD said in effect, the Convention is the "CORSA International Convention" not a "Corvair Convention".  Wish I had thought of that description.  Says it well in very few words. 

Oh, and for whatever it is worth, back at the CORSA convention in Iowa, I ask someone, maybe Harry, if CORSA membership increases in the area the CORSA Convention is held in.  He said yes, historically by about 50 members, who generally drop off one year later.  Go figure.  Someone also said Cal Clark said he has more folks in Iowa on his mailing list than CORSA has members.  Go figure that one.  Actually there is a very good reason for that situation, but I think I answered the question in one of my Directors Turn columns when I was on the CORSA/CPF BoD back around the turn of the century.  (Isn't it fun to say, "Turn of the century"?  We also get to say "Turn of the Millennium", but usually don't.  It's a relative small number of people who have ever lived who can say both.  OK, so maybe I'm easily amused tonight!!  VBG!!!)

There's a couple other truths we seem to forget in our increasingly entitled mentality society.  One is there is no free lunch.  Somebody has to pay.  The other is, if you want to play, you have to pay.  


I know Hank is a Marine, who served us all in 'Nam, and, as a medic, saved some butts.  But would I be allowed to attend and fully participate in the Marines Veteran's Convention?  Bob is a business man, and I assume there is a trade association associated with his business.  Would I be able to attend and fully participate in his associations convention?  Ned works for Cessna and...well you know where this is going, what the question is and what the answer is.  Likewise, our church recently had its annual business meeting.  Would Hank, Bob or Net be allowed to attend and fully participate in the days activities.  Again, you know the answer.  Well, at least I hope you do.       


Membership has it's duties and privileges.  You don't get the one without the other.  CORSA is not a perfect organization.  It cannot be, 'cause it is made up of imperfect people.  You fix what ever your hobby horse imperfection is by participating, not by hooting and hollering from the peanut gallery.  And using the forum CORSA provides for Corvair for maintenance and tech info do it.


Historically Yours,
                     James Rice
                     Former Chairman of Competition Committee

                     Former CORSA/CPF BoD member 
                     Sometime contributor to the CORSA Communique 

                     and CORSA member since mid-70's


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