<VV> octane booster?

Eric Lucas ericlucas at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 3 21:50:54 EDT 2014

I did a quick search. You might find these helpful. The 'brew your own" seemed like a reasonable option. I am pretty sure you can still buy Toluene in large amounts but I haven't checked it out. There were a couple of places on line that showed it in 5 gallon cans for $60-70 range.
Eric in Indiana

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> Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2014 21:19:13 -0400
> Subject: <VV> octane booster?
> From: virtualvairs at corvair.org
> For some reason my '63 convertible is more prone to pinging than my '63 Monza coupe although both have a 102.  The coupe runs fine on regular but I always used to put that highest octane Sunoco (93?) gasoline in the convertible and then it wouldn't ping.  I can't find it at the closest Sunoco now that I've moved.  That and the fact that I'm becoming more and more concerned about ethanol prompted me to fill up with ethanol-free regular.  The only source for ethanol-free gasoline here only sells it in regular grade.  Anyway, now my engine is pinging going up hills.  Should I use an octane boost additive from the local auto parts store?  Is there one that anyone recommends?

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