<VV> PG Install Question : Which order to install TC?

Charlie chaz at properproper.com
Tue Jun 3 23:27:59 EDT 2014

140 is assembled and ready to install ~

TC came out with old 110 (3 bolts were removed), as opposed to staying on
the diff.

So, I had a tough time putting the 140 back in with TC bolted to the
triangular plate, thinking that the splines would line up (with some
tweaking), but that never happened.

I could not draw the bellhousing flush, and then the crank would not turn,
so something's a bit too tight.

I'm thinking the splines did not line up (even with a LOT of tweaking) or
there's gremlin in there pushing back?

Anyway, my theory is to pull it back out, and inset the TC into the "pilot
bushing" hole , to make it easier to align the splines, and THEN wrap the
bellhousing around the TC?

Sound like a plan?

Thanks again!


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