<VV> PG Install Question : Which order to install TC?

Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 09:32:34 EDT 2014

Definitely don't do that.  If a spline isn't properly meshed and you start 
cranking on the bell housing bolts, something is liable to break.  What 
breaks may depend on which spline didn't engage.  But in any case, you will 
end up learning a whole lot more about Powerglides than you bargained for. 
Any time something is "a bit to tight" stop and see why, consider another 

Put the torque converter on the transmission, then bolt the engine to it.

Jim Becker

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I could not draw the bellhousing flush, and then the crank would not turn,
so something's a bit too tight.

I'm thinking the splines did not line up (even with a LOT of tweaking) or
there's gremlin in there pushing back?

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