<VV> 140 PG swap complete - PG fluid level theory?

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Well, both are true.   The level drops somewhat when the transmission is pumping, BUT the fluid also expands when hot.  This is why the operator's manual tells you to check the ATF level with the "transmission at operating temperature". 

I know you CAN blow out seals if the transmission is overfilled, especially on older transmissions with worn seals.  The owners manual makes a big point of saying: DO NOT OVERFILL. 


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Too much confusion here. Let me add to the confusion:

1. Add Dexron I, II, III, IV, whatever you have on the shelf, to the
transmission with the engine OFF to the full mark. This is what Bryan said.

2. Start the engine. Check the ATF dipstick. If it is below the add mark,
add Dexron to slightly above the add mark. I usually do 1/2 way between
full and add. Note, the distance between Add and Full is one Pint, not one
quart, IIRC.

3. After a drive or warm up period, check the fluid level again. If below
Full, add up to full mark.

4. If you overfill the Power Glide, it causes the ATF to foam. This results
in poor shifting and ATF blowing out of the dipstick hole. There is a small
vent hole about 1/2" below the dipstick opening. Makes a mess on the engine
sheet metal. No seals should be harmed. 

The level of ATF drops when the engine is running because the fluid resting
in the pan is now pumped through the transmission. So you need to take a
running level, as the rest level will change depending on several factors,
so it is unreliable for measurement.

Frank DuVal

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NO!  ATF expands as it warms up, so do NOT fill it to full mark at rest. 
At most, fill it to the "Add" mark, then warm it up and check it again.  If
it is just at the "Add" mark then add one pint.  Run it some more and

Try to avoid overfilling as that is likely to blow out some seals. 

Bill Hubbell. 

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So, fill the PG to "full" then, when it "warms up" the fluid level will
drop, then add more if it drops, keeping it?

This is because running moves the fluid "away" from the dip stick, so the
dip stick registers "more full" than it really is?


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I find getting a PG to the correct fluid level is just a little tricky,
since you check the fluid fully warmed up with the engine idling.  Fully
warmed up really means after a drive, I have found it takes several miles.

I'll assume here you don't have that luxury.  With it just sitting you want
to fill it at least to the full mark.  After starting, check it while it's
running and fill so it's showing on the stick, but not all the way up to the
add mark.  The trans needs no "warming" from sitting, you just need enough
fluid in it.

Off the shelf Dexron is fine for our PGs.  Use whatever brand you like.


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