<VV> California DMV -- Now NJ DMV

Tom Hughes corvairdad at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 16:18:13 EDT 2014

I, too, have my dead-man's signature required story. I bought my '65 LeMans
from the widow of the original owner who'd passed away unexpectedly. She
signed the back of the title and I took it to the CA DMV where I was told
the signature on the back needed to match the name on the front. I replied
that the bearer of the name on the front was dead. The counter-person
repeated, this time with a slight smile, "the signature must match the name
on the front."
Catching her drift I asked her if I could sign the dead man's name.
"Nope," she said.
"Can you sign the back for me?"
I then turned to the person in line behind me and asked her if she'd be
willing to sign a dead man's name on the back of the pink slip. After being
assured by the counter person that she wouldn't get into trouble, she
The counter person took the title with the obviously forged signature and
issued me a new one in my name.

Tom in Baltimore

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