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Bill Hubbell whubbell at verizon.net
Thu Jun 12 07:50:20 EDT 2014

I had a similar experience here in Virginia when I registered a Corvair I had purchased from a widow.  The owner had not signed off the title before he'd passed on and thus I was being hassled when I tried to register the car.  I tried to explain the situation to the clerk but she was adamant that it had to be signed by the owner. I started to explain again when she asked me if I was sure he wasn't perhaps waiting outside in the parking lot for me!  I gave her a quizzical look and then told her "You know, come to think about it, you might be right about that". So I gave up my place in line, went outside and lo and behold I found "him", got a signature, re-entered the DMV and after waiting again in line, met up with the same clerk.  I told her she was right, I'd "found" the "owner" in the parking lot just as she'd suggested.  She winked at me, told me "I told you so", and processed the new title and registration. 


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I do have an odd DMV tale from TX that didn't turn out with me in jail.
I went to renew the tags on a car that I had owned for several years.  When they pulled up the record it showed to be registered to someone else at another presumably their address.  I said "that's not me".  They said "ok" and changed it.  Didn't ask for any proof that it was my car - nothing.  No questions no argument.

Joel McGregor

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