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Steven J. Serenska corvair at serenska.com
Thu Jun 12 12:43:51 EDT 2014

I'll throw in my DMV story and make one DMV observation:

DMV Story: Here in Rhode Island, when you purchase an antique car, they 
check the title or bill of sale against a blue book of values to make 
sure you're not trying to cheat the tax man.

When I was registering my '65 Monza convertible almost 15 years ago, the 
diligent clerk looked at the Bill of Sale, looked in her book of values, 
and said, "This is a $20,000 car."

I said "Are you sure?".  She said yes, and pointed to it in the manual.  
I told her "That $20,000 price is for a Corvette."  I also said, "My car 
is a CorVAIR, not a CorVETTE", intentionally drawing out the final 
syllables for emphasis.  She looked at the rest of my paperwork, back at 
her book again, and then back at my paperwork. She then said in the 
exact same flat tone of voice, as though the prior 2 minutes had not 
ever happened: "This is a $20,000 car."  I said, "Please check again or 
let me check.  My car is a CorVAIR, not a CorVETTE."

She looked a my paperwork and her book again -- this time for a long 
time -- and I was mentally preparing my best "Please, dear Lord, let me 
be patient" voice so I could say, "May I please speak with your 
supervisor?" without scaring her and everyone else in the room. Then she 
said, "Oh.  Wait.  I see.  Your car is a Corvair, not a Corvette."  She 
stared at the paperwork for a few more seconds and processed the order 
without another word.

DMV Observation: The developers/writers of "The Simpsons" put their 
genius on full display when they wrote into the storyboards that Patty 
and Selma, Marge Simpson's heavy-smoking, gravel-voiced, and generally 
unpleasant sisters, both work at the DMV, stamping "REJECTED" on every 
form put in front of them.

Steven "wonders how some people get dressed in the morning" Serenska

'65 Monza Convertible, 110/4, still not worth $20K
'66 Corsa Coupe, 140/4, ditto

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