<VV> Fighting a New York City Parking Ticket ~ My Toastmasters "Tall Tales" video

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I drove my Corvair to the Big Apple, and had the pleasure of having it towed.

It was a bit of a hassle, but I got a good story out of it that took 2nd Place in a Toastmasters "Tall Tales" contest.

Toastmasters "Tall Tales" contests are typically exaggerations, but with few exceptions, this is a factually, true story that I enjoy telling, so I posted the video.

New York City Parking Ticket


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After dealing with DMV’s in many states, including the morass of Puerto Rico---also NY,CT,VA,   I think NC has them all beat

DMV License Plate and Title services are franchised out to individual citizens who run the “License Plate Agency” as a business.   Novel Concept. 

The Result----There are many more branches of the DMV in NC.  One in nearly every town of any size. 

You can get anything from plate turn-in to Title transfer done at these DMV Branches. 

If you need a license, that of course is still done by the state, but in different locations.  State inspectors (Not State Troopers like in NY) administer the driving portion of the license exam, and other officers conduct the written, visual, and actual creation of the licenses.  Recently, to cut down on the amount of equipment and manpower necessary, when you renew your license you get a sheet of paper to carry with your license for 10 days saying you’ve renewed it while you wait for your license to arrive in the mail from Raleigh. (state capitol)

DMV License Plate agencies began last year to also collect the personal property tax on your vehicle at the same time as you register the vehicle, not only insuring payment of the tax but saving you a trip to the courthouse or sending a check to some company in the mail to process your tax (another money saver). 

Best yet, Each State Emissions testing facility (not run by the state but by any garage who wants to buy the equipment) for obd III (which is as far back as they go doing emissions checks), each testing machine is hard-wired to a mainframe computer in Raleigh with immediately informs DMV that your vehicle has passed the test.  One less piece of paper to carry to the DMV when you register your car.   Also makes online re-registrations easier. 

Actually, the best part of all is that in North Carolina, any car over 25 years old doesn’t ever require a safety inspection.  So my Corvair is inspection free and saves me 30.00/yr for the fee.   The Highway Patrol is tough on antiques that have things like non functioning tail-lights and the like, so you have to keep your classic in good shape or the tickets can add up. 

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