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Thu Jun 12 17:57:08 EDT 2014

A few months ago, my 90 yr. old mother - who lives 18 mins. from me, had  
her drivers license expire. She has a Fla. drivers license as she has been  
here about 7 yrs.  DMV wanted a copy of her birth certificate.  We  checked 
with Mississippi and they had no record (1923).  She was born on a  cotton 
farm or some desolate edge-of-the-planet "delta" backwater.  We  couldn't get 
DMV to accept that.  We didn't know what else to do, when out  of nowhere, 
she got a new license in the mail with a 5 ( F I V E) year  extension.  Don't 
ask, because I can't answer this one.......
I always drive when we go somewhere but I made her do the driving  about a 
year ago and she actually drives her big-ass '99 Mercury Marquis pretty  
well except for one thing.   She tailgates everyone and runs up behind  people 
before she hits the brakes.  I guess they will take her license when  she 
creams one of the 1,000+ Priuses we have here in our 100,000+ resident  
retirement community (The Villages).
Incidentally, I have a decal on the back of my F150.  It's a round  circle 
with the word Prius - and a red slashmark through it.  I found it on  Ebay.  
Those b_ _ _ _ _ ds are always crawling along in my way.
Joe Dunlap
Central Florida
Pouring rain here every afternoon

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