<VV> I can bring New EM, LM and/or FC Windshields to London, Ontario on my trip.

Tony . ottawacorvairguy at yahoo.ca
Tue Jun 17 11:12:13 EDT 2014

Toronto Area Corvair Owners who are willing to meet me.

I will be going to London, Ontario sometime in July to deliver our 63 Rampside we just sold.
I have new Corvair windshields available and I’m willing to bring as many as I can with me.

They have to be paid for up front before I will pack them and it is first come first served who will get them.
I have not yet figured out just how many I can safely take on this trip.
I’m guessing no more than 5 will fit safely.

I purchased these in the USA and with the current dollar exchange I’m losing money.

EM – CAD$ 300 
LM – CAD$ 300
FC – CAD$ 550

NOTE: Both EM and LM have dark tint band across the top. 
However, the FC is lightly tinted throughout with no dark band across the top. 
FC owners - This is the windshield you want!
It is much easier to use than the one withthe dark band across the top.

To see pictures of these windshields goto: http://corvaircenter.com/phorum/read.php?1,719469,719469#msg-719469

Thank you, Tony

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