<VV> 140 PG driveline swap complete ~ oil leaks stopped ...

Charlie chaz at properproper.com
Sat Jun 21 00:28:52 EDT 2014

Yes, thanks for the tips~

I'll put the shrouds, etc, on once the tweaking is done, which would mean
removing and replacing them too many times if the problems are beneath them!

The oil pump cover gasket blew a seal and a lot of sheet metal had to come
off and back on again, but she now seems to be holding her oil better!

I adjusted the valves and it's quite a bit better, and a little quieter even
with the wrong (110) exhaust (that will be replaced eventually.)

The fuel tank is next, since the rubber seems to have fallen to pieces (ala
Patsy Cline), although the tank itself seems to be solid.

No  rust or damage to the tank is visible (or can be felt) from below, so
now I just have to replace that hose and clean the gunk out (remove the tank
~ a big job, no?)

Until then, the marine temp tank will suffice, so no long trips (not
registered yet anyway!)


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> Here is the video of the current state of this particular "art" :
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUECMR1aQD8
> (NOTE: The initial noise is not the Monza, but the house's AC unit 
> nearby)

Congrats!  You're making good progress!  It'll be fine for a little driving
around without the shrouds, stay away from bumper to bumper traffic where
the car can just sit in its own hot air.
> Also, I may sell the "gold" interior panels that are on the car now, 
> since they would probably go nicely on a more "luxurious" version of 
> what someone else who's restoring a "golden" car?
> The door panel and rear "kick" panels are nearly perfect as are the "gold"
> sun visors, although the seats are pretty torn up.
> Take a look at the video and let me know how much work I'd have to do 
> to restore the interior, if I don't sell the "gold" parts and replace 
> it with something easier to find, or maybe customize an new interior?

I would keep the panels until you have, in your hands, something to replace
them.  Clark's repros the seat covers in all the colors, I don't see any
particular one as "easier to find" than another.  As for used stuff, there
just aren't many really nice pairs of seats out there any more.

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