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Carlton Smith carlton55 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 25 12:43:21 EDT 2014

Hi Guys!


I have been a 65 turbo owner for a few years now (2008). I used 20w- 50 oil
in the beginning as a few of the books said it was preferred for turbo
engines. I went to all synthetic within a year or two simply because of the
non-coking advantage for the turbo itself [AMSOIL AMO 10-40 and it has
sufficed ZDDP]. I had  the engine rebuilt back in 2012 and now about 29000
miles ago and am wondering if I might switch to 20w-50 again. AMSOIL offers
a very good ZDDP rated oil in that weight now. 


What has generated my thoughts is a statement lately in the thread about
lifter noise and someone said the heavier oil aids in making the valve noise
quieter. I do notice my engine is pretty quite valve wise when cold but gets
up to running temperature it does get clicky.


So you turbo owner's what weight oil do you use these days?





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