<VV> noisy lifters?

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Wed Jun 25 12:17:33 EDT 2014

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The "deep dimple" lifters came from "The Source" in 2007. I do not know the brand. The other thing I forgot to mention was that the heads have after market high performance valve springs.I assume this means the springs have a higher rate.Could this cause the lifters to collapse a bit more than normal and not return to zero lash before the next lifting cycle? The engine runs great but the tapping is annoying.
The tapping stops when I adjust while running, but after a few seconds it returns. Unfortunately, it is several valves.
Thank you,
 Jim Cuneo
 Now that sounds like worn valve guides.....and yes the performance springs are stiffer..not softer
Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon
 Matt, Heads were rebuilt by reputable corvair vendor, I assume this means he used good, reamed or replaced valve guides. I did remove and inspect one intake and exhaust valve to verify his claims and at least on that cylinder, the guides were good.They have 1k miles on them now.By the way, this is the second set of rebuilt heads iv'e used with same tapping noise.The common denominator is the lifters.Thanks,Jim

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