<VV> Noisy lifters

Mike McCrae mmccrae6 at cox.net
Wed Jun 25 14:00:11 EDT 2014

Not a cure here, but I too had the same problem with a 3.1 I built for a 
customer. I used the deep dimple lifters with custom length pushrods
roller rockers and a Crower high lift cam. The noise was horrible...as if I 
had no oil pressure, even though the the gauge was on 90 lbs (had to re shim 
the high volume pump and change springs).
I replaced the lifters with Clark's best...with absolutely no change. I was 
going to change to solid lifters after this as a diagnostic tool, but the 
customer took the car and said he was happy as is.
My only thought was the camshaft ramp....but I'll never know now...!

Mike McCrae

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Jim, bad news. I think the only option is to replace them. I think k they
must be racing lifters.

Mark Durham Hauser Idaho
62 2Door Coupe 4speed Red/Red
On Jun 25, 2014 9:08 AM, "James Cuneo" <jamescuneo at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Mark,
>  I am using valvoline vr1 20-50. It has zddp. Tapping is much less when
> oil is cold, gets worse at operating temp. Break in oil was 30wt and
> tapping was worse. Higher viscosity has a quieting effect. Oil flow 
> appears
> normal.
> Jim
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> What oil are you using, and was there a good oil flow out to the rockers
> when you adjusted them. If the pattern is otherwise normal on the half 
> moon
> one the half moon is probably a scratch during break in.
> Put Castrol 20w50 in it with an zddp additive and see what happens. My pt
> cruiser has always run a bit odd on 10w30 synthetics, got tired of it and
> went  to the castrol dino oil above and the engine smoothed out and gets
> better mileage, on that heavy oil. Go figure.
> Mark Durham Hauser Idaho
> 62 2Door Coupe 4speed Red/Red
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