<VV> Noisy lifters

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Wed Jun 25 14:17:36 EDT 2014

Mike,I do not want to go through the trouble of replacing these lifters just to have the replacements sound the same. I suspect I have the "perfect storm" combination of cam,springs and lifters. As long as the tapping is doing no harm, I can live with it.I will try adjusting one more time.Jim 

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> Not a cure here, but I too had the same problem with a 3.1 I built for a 
> customer. I used the deep dimple lifters with custom length pushrods
> roller rockers and a Crower high lift cam. The noise was horrible...as if I 
> had no oil pressure, even though the the gauge was on 90 lbs (had to re shim 
> the high volume pump and change springs).
> I replaced the lifters with Clark's best...with absolutely no change. I was 
> going to change to solid lifters after this as a diagnostic tool, but the 
> customer took the car and said he was happy as is.
> My only thought was the camshaft ramp....but I'll never know now...!
> Mike McCrae

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