<VV> Late model A/C vent (was, simply: help)

wrsssatty at aol.com wrsssatty at aol.com
Thu Jun 26 11:17:50 EDT 2014

I wonder if the day has, or will, come that the new technology of 3D printing could provide a reasonable solution to a problem such as this.
~Bill Stanley
<I have done a little research on the Late Model A/C center dash vent. The chrome one above the radio. It appears to me that it is no longer available and is not being reproduced. I was thinking, since mine is sun baked and dried out and it is in very bad shape, it would not be a good candidate for repair. It could take me a day or two to make it look somewhat better! Maybe I should hunt a suitable aftermarket replacement or modify a '67-'68 Camaro part 
which is being reproduced and appears to be about the same size as the Corvair part. Are there any other ideas that another reader might share with 
me to help me decide what course of action I will take?>

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