<VV> EM excessive positive camber

RAMBLERPAT at aol.com RAMBLERPAT at aol.com
Fri Jun 27 02:54:12 EDT 2014

I have an EM  (1964) and it has excessive positive camber in the rear 
wheels. I have  found confusing and unclear information as to the cause. My 
Spyder  Coupe is all original top to bottom as far as can tell with the exception 
 of an older repaint. One of the trans mounts appears to be splitting  and 
the other just looks old. The Engine seems to be tilted towards the side  
with the splitting trans mount. The rear engine mount looks newer, the rubber 
is  soft. The suspension is in otherwise good condition. New shocks and the  
springs appear adequate.  
Now, what could  be happening here? And how do I fix? Also, if the problem 
is the trans  mounts how do I access the top of the bolts? Can I replace the 
trans  mounts without removing the entire power train? 

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