<VV> EM excessive positive camber

Bill & Chris Strickland lechevrier at q.com
Fri Jun 27 12:30:10 EDT 2014

You say one of the trans mounts appears to be splitting -- normally, 
with the leaf spring in place, these mounts are under compression, so 
one might not expect to be seeing this "splitting".  Are the rubber 
"cushions" in place under the ends of the leaf spring?  And what do you 
call "excessive" -- 10 degrees?  a half a degree?

Where do you live?  I understand that internal salt corrosion can eat 
away at the crossmembers in some localities, if it is driven in the 
winter ...

Could your rear leaf need to be re-arched?

Yes, the bolt heads can be reached with the crossmember in place, but I 
had to bend up a special wrench to reach them, sort of like a 
distributor wrench.

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