<VV> Someone mentioned Corvair names in a video?

J. R. Read hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 3 23:20:43 EST 2014

Somehow I missed the video ~ too much going on here for a supposedly retired 

Anyway, there was something about Corvair names.  Then the fruits and nuts 
conversation came up as well as a couple of other interruptions (at home). 
I'm pretty much a one thought at a time guy nowadays.

Coming to the question now....  Has anyone on VV (besides me) bought a 
Corvair where the previous owner lived in a town with a Corvair name? 
Example being, the previous (to me) owner of my '65 vert lived in 
Lakewood,CA.  The tie in here (Seth) is that it was not snowing, but I think 
that he may have been a flake.

Later, JR 

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