<VV> Windshield/backlight popping out in E.M. rollovers; Was: Getting Stranded

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Tue Nov 4 11:48:47 EST 2014

Some of you may recall the series of articles I did in the communique several years ago on "Defending The Corvair....".  I have had the opportunity to read court transcripts regarding many early model rollovers as well as to see many films and still shots of early model Corvair rollovers in testing by both GM and plaintiffs' attorneys.  I can tell you that having the windshield and/or backlight pop out in these rollovers was VERY common.  Likewise, I can tell you that the unit body construction of the early Corvair was, indeed, tough.  By my estimate, the vast majority of passengers injured in early model rollovers were unrestrained passengers ejected in whole or in part through popped open doors of pre-'63 models that did not have safety door latches or through the opening after windshields or backlights popped open.  And more than a few such Corvairs that killed someone suffered so little body damage that they were easily repaired and put back on the road.

~Bill Stanley

<Let's not forget the time I leant my '63 Monza coupe to a buddy when we were 500 
miles from home.

He had his hand around a girl instead of on the wheel when he drove off the road 
and up an embankment, rolling the car on its right side.  Those early Corvairs 
are tough, so only the only damage was a broken windshield and partially 
collapsed right 'A' pillar.  Oh yeah - the backlight popped out as well.>

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