<VV> earliest '65 Vairs now fifty years old

Thompson, Ed (MKE x1231) ed.thompson at quarles.com
Thu Oct 2 15:05:23 EDT 2014

With my Dad's help (I had just turned 17), I bought my first Vair (car) in late August of 1966, a used  '65 Corsa turbo coupe, 4-speed (default trans on all Vairs was a 3-speed), Artesian Turquoise over White, had about 22K miles.  First owner claimed it was the first '65 Corsa sold in metro Milwaukee (I never verified that), I'm guessing late October of 1964?  First owner did a strange turn signal conversion, I have never seen another like it; he removed the lever and associated wiring, and installed THREE toggle switches to the left of the steering column at the bottom side of the dash.  Left toggle pulled to negate the left (driver) side brake light, Middle toggle pulled to negate the right (passenger) side brake light, and the Right toggle (a bit longer, and the only one of the three to have a center position) pushed to indicate a left turn, pulled to indicate a right turn.  All toggles had to be manually returned to their proper positions.  My late Dad, who seldom drove my Corsa, did not like that "custom feature" at all.  The Corsa sat in the garage while I was "away" in the Army in 1969-70, I very much missed it (Dad would send to me in southeast Asia, reel-to-reel audio tapes of it running, and of a toilet flushing, the latter being more exciting), I wound up trading it against a '71 Opel GT in October of 1971; regrettably, I lost track of it, and have no reference to its VIN, though I do have several photos, which I can scan off-list to anyone who might be interested.

Ed, Milwaukee, '66 Monza sedan, 110-glide
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