<VV> Friction modifier additive for engine and transmison oils

MarK Durham 62vair at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 17:13:05 EDT 2014

I've never tried seafoam but I put a substantial amount of mmo in my engine
before I took it out for overhaul and over about 500 miles of driving it
cleaned the aluminum case parts so well all I did was inspect and blow out
all oil passages, degrease, and reuse. The heads were also clean.
Mark Durham Hauser Idaho
62 Coupe Red/ Red
On Oct 2, 2014 1:51 PM, "hank kaczmarek" <kaczmarek at charter.net> wrote:

> As Mark said, I've used it in engines that were smoking or were gummed up.
> I'm sold on Seafoam products for air cooled motors of any kind. You can add
> it to your gas to keep things clean in your carbs, you can put it into your
> oil (it's aromatic hydrocarbons so you don't have to change the amount of
> oil, and it will clean the inside of the engine and deposit the gunk in the
> oil filter, then evaporate.
> You can also use Seafoam Engine treatment to do the "1957" tuneup instead
> of GM Top End Engine Cleaner.  The number is for the date.   Used car
> Mechanics would take trade-ins out back, and pour the engine treatment (or
> a bottle of GM Top End Engine Cleaner) slowly into a manifold vacuum souce,
> while goosing the throttle---car will smoke like a freight train for about
> 30min, but runs much smoother after all the carbon is burned out of it.
> Seafoam Trans Tune and their Deep Creep Penentrant are great too----You
> can use Deep Creep for engine starting fluid, and as a penetrant it beats
> all hell out of PB Blaster.
> Hank
> Kevin, I have used it in older engines to loosen up things like stuck rings
> or to help loosen sludge buildup. If your engine is clean inside there is
> no need for it.

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