<VV> Friction modifier additive for engine and transmison oils

hank kaczmarek kaczmarek at charter.net
Thu Oct 2 16:52:02 EDT 2014

As Mark said, I've used it in engines that were smoking or were gummed up. 
I'm sold on Seafoam products for air cooled motors of any kind. You can add 
it to your gas to keep things clean in your carbs, you can put it into your 
oil (it's aromatic hydrocarbons so you don't have to change the amount of 
oil, and it will clean the inside of the engine and deposit the gunk in the 
oil filter, then evaporate.

You can also use Seafoam Engine treatment to do the "1957" tuneup instead of 
GM Top End Engine Cleaner.  The number is for the date.   Used car Mechanics 
would take trade-ins out back, and pour the engine treatment (or a bottle of 
GM Top End Engine Cleaner) slowly into a manifold vacuum souce, while 
goosing the throttle---car will smoke like a freight train for about 30min, 
but runs much smoother after all the carbon is burned out of it.

Seafoam Trans Tune and their Deep Creep Penentrant are great too----You can 
use Deep Creep for engine starting fluid, and as a penetrant it beats all 
hell out of PB Blaster.


Kevin, I have used it in older engines to loosen up things like stuck rings
or to help loosen sludge buildup. If your engine is clean inside there is
no need for it.

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