<VV> Heritage Day

hank kaczmarek kaczmarek at charter.net
Thu Oct 2 22:01:25 EDT 2014

I hadn’t driven my Vair since picking it up from my paint and body man in mid-august.  Didn’t even know if the battery had been drained.   

Been sitting in the enclosed carport gathering dust. 

I got in, turned the engine for 30 seconds. Key off.  hit the gas 3 times.  Key on----VROOOOM!   

Wife says “where are you going to go on your drive?”      

Step 1---TO THE CAR WASH!  Got her clean again, and took about a 30 mile drive through the foothills.  Stopped at a Convenience store to get a soda, and 4 different people commented on my car, or asked questions. 

I should get my car out of the carport more.   

Toying with the idea of cleaning it up good tomorrow, and taking it to a show at the Ford dealer in Gastonia on Saturday AM.   

I’ve always said that a Corvair is the most fun car to drive that there is.  It’s why I got into the hobby in the first place.   My Monza didn’t disappoint me today.  It was a BLAST. 

Want to once again say Thanks to Matt Nall, Rich Shepard, and all the VV members who anted up the cash to get the car shipped from CA to NC ----that was 12 years ago if anyone can believe that!


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