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Back in 1959 before October (probably late August) show  date, GM
delivered 3 Corvairs to my friend James Neinast and several of  his
friends.  The transport truck stopped in front of the  Chevrolet Dealer
in Charlotte, NC and unloaded the cars.  The dealer did not  get involved
as the cars went straight to Neinast and friends.
Neinast had contacted the Charlotte Zone Office to get these cars  to
run a National Rallye being run before the October release  date. A few
weeks were needed to prepare the cars and during this period,  one
of the cars was wrecked on some winding roads near  Charlotte.
Neinast drove one of he cars in the Rallye, his starting point  was
Miami and the route came back to Western NC before proceeding  to
Kansas City.  All cars from around the US came into Kansas  City
to begin the common portion of the Rallye.
I don't remember any of the details of how Neinast finished in  the
Rallye, but Corvairs were on the road before the October release  date.
A little bit of the Corvair history you might find  interesting.
Bill Loftin

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