<VV> Space Saver Spare for Early Model

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I am curious as to why there is an interest.  Of course,  I may be missing 
It seems that you are looking for a space-saver spare of the  same diameter 
as our stock wheels.  If so, there wouldn't be much, if any,  space 
savings.  The width of the tire can't be too much different  either.  The reason 
space-saver tires exist are that  they are smaller than their own car's stock 
wheel and the car manufacturers want  to save weight to meet federal MPG 
standards.  This isn't much of an  issue for us especially considering that the 
space-savers weigh about the same  as our stock wheels.  ... or do they?
Why would you want to replace a stock Corvair spare with a  space-saver 
wheel of similar weight and size when the space-saver wheel is not  designed to 
be driven at normal speeds or long distances?  Unsafe at  certain speeds.  
Again, if I am missing something, let me know.
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I have been investigating space-saver spare tires  for early Corvair cars. 
Late models and FCs are easy.  The 4-bolt 4-1/2  inch pattern is common to 
many Japanese and other imports, but most recent  ones are front wheel drive 
with radical insets.  This doesn't matter with  skinny donut spares.  I 
found the following matches for wheels, there are  probably more:

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