<VV> Space Saver Spare For Early Model

kevin nash wrokit at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 5 10:49:30 EDT 2014

> Mike,
> I am curious as to why there is an interest.  Of course,  I may be missing 
> something.
> It seems that you are looking for a space-saver spare of the  same diameter 
> as our stock wheels.  If so, there wouldn't be much, if any,  space 
> savings.  The width of the tire can't be too much different  either.  The reason 
> space-saver tires exist are that  they are smaller than their own car's stock 
> wheel and the car manufacturers want  to save weight to meet federal MPG 
> standards.  This isn't much of an  issue for us especially considering that the 
> space-savers weigh about the same  as our stock wheels.  ... or do they?
> Why would you want to replace a stock Corvair spare with a  space-saver 
> wheel of similar weight and size when the space-saver wheel is not  designed to 
> be driven at normal speeds or long distances?  Unsafe at  certain speeds.  
> :-)
> Again, if I am missing something, let me know.
> Doc
 Doc- I was curious as to whether there was any significant weight differences between my spare
 and a space saver at the same or nearly the same o.d., and I found that the space saver for my Pontiac
Grand Am had a nearly identical O.D., so I weighed both, and found that the space saver was 1 lb lighter
than my spare. Not worth it to me!!
Kevin Nash
63 Spyder daily driver, EFI(!)

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