<VV> Space Saver Spare for Early Model

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 If you have oversize wheels and tires, this is a positive boon. All you need to do is match the diameter, and not have to worry about finding space for an 8 inch wide rim with 235mm (or larger) section tires!
There are two flavors:
The high pressure donut. These will fit the stock holder, no sweat, and the later ones have a butyl liner, which means they'll hold air for years. 
The 'Space Saver' spare is an inflatable, collapsed tire. These take up even less space, but you need a means of inflation, usually a cylinder of CO2 these days, since refrigerant gases are now frowned upon for this app. Also a cheap 12v compressor works fine. 
My 300ZXTT had one of these. It was TINY, and fit just fine. Now, hauling the flat pretty much occupied the trunk, especially if it was a rear tire. 


John Roberts


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I am curious as to why there is an interest.  Of course,  I may be missing 


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