<VV> Space Saver Spare for Early Model

Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 10:03:23 EDT 2014

Cadillac Catera came with a full-service spare.  It was smaller and lower 
speed rating than the other 4.  It appeared to be the largest that fit the 
wheel well.  I always thought that they did it so they wouldn't have to 
modify the recycled Opel sheet metal.  Maybe that is why it zigged.

Jim Becker

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Interesting reading. I think there is still no substitute for a full-size 
spare. Granted, I don't have 255/40X18's on any of my cars. but I wonder why 
automakers can't simply offer a full-service tire that's thinner/smaller 
than the regular tire, but that can go indefinitely (or at least a few 
hundred miles) with ease. 

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