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> Need an honest opinion on Mobil's Delvac 15-40, labeled as an oil for diesels to be used for my Lakewood.  Seems like I saw that mentioned at one time as a good grade of oil to use.  Has the zddp on the label.  I know there are other oils that do a good job, but this is one I have and considering using.
> Ken

Hi Ken,

Be sure it's also rated for gasoline engines - many diesel oils are - and that it has enough ZDDP (>1000 is what I look for).  The two driving Corvairs here have non-rebuilt engines, I like the oil pressure better with Mobil 1 15W-50 in them.  For a rebuilt engine, I'd consider their Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel 5W-40 since the clearances will be better, and I know it's gasoline rated.  If the Delvac meets the ZDDP and gasoline criteria it should be fine, although you can look through Richard Widman's info to find a superior oil versus "good enough".

Notes - I realize a lot of folks like different oils for various reasons.  One reason I use M1 is because my cars leak a little, so being able to buy it at WalMart is a consideration for trips.  Given the oil consumption I'm also not willing to boost something else with an additive, I want one that comes with the correct level in the bottle.  For me, the cost is fairly low given the number of miles we drive, the cars only get one oil change a year and a couple extra quarts along the way.


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