<VV> 50th celebration & replacing rear suspension struts

Charlie chaz at properproper.com
Thu Oct 9 12:59:40 EDT 2014

The trauma to the LM rear suspension struts (that required replacing them)
was shown is some of the pix in the "album" that the link should show - were
you able to see about 13 new photos there?

The bushings were shot and caused the rear camber to make the car almost
"squat" on the inside edges of the rear tires.

I just got a "new" engineless 1965 Corsa so I borrowed the somewhat better
struts from it while I get the damaged ones redone.

Since I have never done this job before I was a little intimidated by it,
but it was a lot simpler than I thought - actually doing rear alignment had
always been something of a mystery, although I know about road and
tire/wheel angles, just didn't know how to do it!

After cleaning 50 years of gunk and rust out, it was almost easy!

One thing I wish I had known is to remove the offset bolt first, before
removing the inner ends (on the differential) since un-torquing the offset
bolt to remove it, causes the arms to move too freely.

I figured that out after doing the driver side wrong, and having to
re-attach the inner bolts to get the outer (offset) bolts out!

I did it in under 40 minutes to get them out, and another 40 minutes to put
the "new" ones back in, which is way better than I thought it would take for
my first shot at this job!

Here is the link (again) to the Facebook pix :

There should be 13 pix there (click on each to get the next one)

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pics work for me, and I'm not logged into FB right now.

I don't know anything about LM suspensions - what kind of trauma did they

On 10/8/2014 9:20 PM, Charlie via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Anchor is a local restaurant in town that hosts car shows regularly, 
> where I've met a few other Corvair owners.
> The white Monza convertible is in pretty good shape, and was an 
> "impulse buy" since the engine is much quieter than most and of 
> course, it's a 4-speed, but it needs more work than I thought, though 
> relatively minor (so
> far.)
> The Corsa coupe is almost rust free, except the trunk floor, just sun 
> bleached paint with some chipping, and even the carpets look new.
> The rear suspension struts seem to show that it may have had some 
> trauma during its life though ~
> 20 minutes out and 20 minutes back in, each, so not bad - I thought it 
> would be a two-man job, and take a LOT longer!  I got lucky?
> See Facebook pix :
> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202634468395530&set=pcb.1020
> 263447
> 5755714&type=1&theater
> The pix should be public?
> Charlie

Jay Maechtlen

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