<VV> Corvairs for movie

John Beck jb30343 at windstream.net
Mon Oct 13 21:36:04 EDT 2014

Patrick,  I've worked in the TV and motion picture industry for 35 
years.  This might turn out to be a lot of fun for you.  You will make 
some money and get great exposure for your car and Corvairs in general.  
But, there is a downside.  Be very careful who you are dealing with.  
There are lots of great production companies out there and there are 
almost as many who are determined to give the industry a bad name.  Be 
sure to get an enforceable agreement on how you will be compensated for 
any damage to your car.  Be sure your contract spells out that the 
production company will be liable for any injuries or damage caused by 
your car.  If you want to make sure your car is treated with tender 
loving care try to speak directly with the 1st AD and let him or her 
know your concerns.  The key grip and 1st AC are the closest thing you 
will have to allies on the set.  Enjoy the ride.  --J.B.

Patrick Murphy via VirtualVairs wrote:
> There is a film being shot in Virginia over next few months. They requested
> 60s cars. I sent photos in of my 61 700 Lakewood wagon in, thinking I'll
> get it in for background. Now they are seriously looking at the car for
> interior shots and asked me if I knew any Corvairs of the same color that
> can double for mine. My wagon is close to Jewel Blue but maybe a bit
> lighter. Anybody out there close by or wants to travel with an early model
> 700 Corvair with medium blue interior and jewel blue exterior that wants
> their car featured in movie?
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