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Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Tue Oct 14 14:58:31 EDT 2014

Jon Woolf <jonwoolf at comcast.net>

virtualvairs at corvair.org

Don't p-- off the grips...

Tue, 14 Oct 2014 11:11:28 -0700

Ha!  As a 48 year key grip, I would have to say that "not pissing off the
grips" is a good plan.  Same goes for Transportation Dept.  Provided that
you are not involved with an entry-level crew from low-budget land, your
pride and joy Corvair is probably in good, professional, responsible hands.
Us grips appreciate fine and interesting machinery- it's what we work with
daily. If your car is being rigged for a shot, or being moved by the crew,
you should feel OK about stepping back and letting them work.  If you have
questions about what they (we) are doing, pitch them, but try not to
distract them (us). They are probably under the gun time wise, and don't
need the distraction of explaining what, for them, is their regular job. 

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